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Disaster hits environmental fundraising

14 February, 2005 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust

"A side effect of the amazing public response to the Asian Tsunami disaster, has been a massive decline in donations to other charities", according to John Burton, the CEO of the UK-based World Land Trust.

The WLT had one of its most successful fundraising campaigns in the period leading up to Christmas 2004, raising tens of thousands of pounds for its land purchase projects in rainforests in South America, but immediately after Christmas donations dried up. "Try as we may, we have been unable to come up with any other explanations, and would be interested to know about the experience of other similar charities." John Burton went on to say that "Clearly the response to the tsunami disaster is to be welcomed, but since most of the charities fund raising for it have already said they have raised more than enough for their needs, we hope that donors will return to their previous patterns of giving, and support charities that address long-term problems, as well as those that react to immediate disaster relief."

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