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Looking for an alternative Christmas gift? - The World Land Trust has the solution

17 November, 2004 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust
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If you are looking for an alternative Christmas gift, then why not consider Christmas gifts that benefit charities? The World Land Trust offers an alternative to Christmas gift giving of the traditional kind - an environmentally friendly gift that doesn't cost the Earth - but saves it.

  • Are you:
    • Struggling to find a gift for a person who has everything they could possibly want?
    • Looking for 'wildlife gifts' and 'nature lover gifts' that will not cost the earth?
    • Trying to find environmentally friendly gifts for loved ones who care about the planet?

    Or perhaps you are the environmentally conscious person, looking for earth-friendly gift ideas for your Christmas wish list, to point friends and relatives in the right direction?

    For an alternative Christmas gift, the World Land Trust has what is perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly gifts; an Acre of Rainforest Saved Forever. Just look at the advantages:

    • Nothing is manufactured. - Your gift will not cause any pollution or waste.
    • Nothing is traded. - Your wildlife gift acre will not result in workers getting an unfair deal.
    • You save natural resources instead of using them up. - An acre of rainforest contains more than 200 mature trees.
    • You help protect endangered forest plants and animals. - This makes an acre of rainforest the perfect nature lover gift.
    • You help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. - Over 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere result from deforestation.
    • Your gift will last forever. - Our acres are protected indefinitely as Nature Reserves by local organisations.
    • You can visit the area you helped save. - Come and see for yourself what a difference you have made by saving an acre of rainforest.
    • Your gift recipient will receive a certificate showing how much wilderness you have saved on his or her behalf. - How's that for an alternative Christmas gift!

    We believe this alternative to Christmas gift giving of the traditional kind is the ideal nature lover gift, perfect for those who care about endangered animals and the environment. This wildlife gift really will help save the planet - for a relatively low cost to you.

    To find out more about the World land Trust environmentally friendly gift acres visit or phone (44)01986 874422. At £25, an acre of rainforest really doesn't cost the Earth - but it does help save it.

    Notes to editors:
    The World Land Trust's patrons are Sir David Attenborough and David Gower, OBE.

    Since it launched its first campaign in 1989 the World Land Trust has been 'selling' acres of forest and saving a wide range of habitats worldwide. The Trust has partners in Ecuador, Belize, Patagonia, Mallorca, Paraguay, India and Costa Rica and has helped purchase and protect over 300,000 acres to date.

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