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26 August, 2004 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust

"eVolunteers" help conservation organisation improve online activities.

Volunteers have been the backbone of charities and charitable fundraising from many years, but charities have been slow to grasp the potential of the Internet. Although many charities now have websites, relative few of the tens of thousands of charities and non-profit organisations worldwide, are using the Internet to its full potential. The World Land Trust has been exceptionally proactive in developing Internet fundraising, as well as using its website as an educational resource.

The WLT's latest initiative is to recruit a panel of eVolunteers, who assist the WLT online. Their first task involves research on the Internet, but the WLT expects to use their eVolunteers in a wide range of activities as the number grows.

According to the WLT's web manager, Helena Akerlund "The advantage of eVolunteers is they can be based anywhere in the world, and they can devote as much or as little time as they have available. Initially their main function is going to be assisting with improvements to our own website, but in the near future we hope to involve some of them in other activities such as fundraising."

For further information, or to become an eVolunteer, contact the World Land Trust.

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