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A Valentines Gift that Lasts Forever

28 January, 2004 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust
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Rainforest Orchids in Ecuador

Instead of buying Valentine's flowers, you could enable the World Land Trust to save an acre of tropical rainforest with all its rare flowers, such as these orchids in Ecuador.

What could be more romantic than receiving a single red rose on Valentine's Day? Receiving a whole bunch of red roses? Perhaps, until you look at the price tag for the Earth.

Each year we spend a staggering amount of money on Valentine’s flowers: A single rose with gift decorations is likely to cost around £20 while a bunch of roses will knock you back something closer to £70. In addition, most of those glowing roses will have travelled a long way – from places like Zimbabwe, Israel, Colombia and Kenya. Transporting these flowers contributes substantially to global warming from aircraft emissions.

What can you give you Valentine instead? In contrast to flowers or chocolate, which both give brief moments of pleasure, there is something you can give that is literally priceless and will last forever: An acre of tropical rainforest.

The tropical rainforests are the most diverse areas on Earth and the multitude of animals and plants living there rely on the trees for their survival. Not only are you saving a piece of unique wildlife habitat from destruction, you are supporting the crucial role played by rain forests in preserving the world’s carbon balance.

For only £50 you can buy an acre of rainforest as a unique, green Valentine’s gift. You will also receive a Valentine’s card, a personalised gift certificate and a copy of the World Land Trust’s newsletter three times a year.

You will be giving a love token that will last forever and help save one of the most beautiful habitats on the planet.

Buy an acre of rainforest for Saint Valentine's Day here. heart

Read more in the press release Give a Valentine's gift that doesn't cost the earth - but saves it.


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