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Iraq War Hits Wildlife Conservation

14 May, 2003 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust
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One of the side effects of the recent world crisis is its impact on international wildlife charities. After the first Gulf War in 1989, donations to the World Land Trust dropped dramatically, and in 2001 the fundraising campaign for the purchase of over 15,000 acres in Patagonia was unfortunately launched on September 11, a day when people’s minds were understandably diverted to the attacks on the twin towers.

During the recent conflict in Iraq fundraising has been difficult, as many people concentrate on humanitarian aid. However, the threats to wildlife persist. Ecotourism is also a casualty of war, with fewer tourists travelling during disturbed times.

Ecuador reserves that form natural corridors for wildlife cost as little as $10,000 to $20,000 each – and these contain species found no where else in the world. A donation of £25 will help save an acre of wildlife habitat, forever.

To give our efforts at conserving endangered species some perspective, it costs in the order of £25,000 an hour to keep a Tornado bomber in the air over Iraq – enough to buy 1000 acres of rainforest. One Challenger Tank costs over £4million – enough to buy a quarter of a million acres of rainforest.

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This is an extract from a longer article, which can be read in full here: Iraq war hits wildlife conservation. Further details on the World Land Trust's conservation work can be found on the projects pages.

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