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Puma Killed in Patagonia URGENT ACTION NEEDED

13 October, 2000 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust

The World Land Trust is urgently raising funds to create a 20,000 acre reserve in the coastal steppe of Patagonia. The reserve is being established to protect a wide range of the region's threatened wildlife. Many of the species present, although legally protected, are still hunted illegally. The land being purchased is home to over 300 guanaco and also two pumas. Because the area is predominately owned by sheep ranchers, the pumas are heavily persecuted, and the WLT has just heard that a puma was shot on, or close to, the reserve area. And guanaco are regularly hunted simply to provide meat to feed sheepdogs. We need to act NOW. We must raise the funds to buy the ranch, and put the urgently needed protection in place. We need to provide a safe haven for the pumas.

Please visit the rest of our web site for more information and make a donation towards the purchase of this fabulous wilderness. The WLT urgently needs to raise $200,000. With these funds we will complete the purchase and ensure that the land.

For more information, see our Patagonia Steppe Project web pages.

And make a donation now !

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