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To support the conservation of the Andean cloud forests of central Ecuador and others like it, and following in the tradition of naming newly discovered species after the sponsors of expeditions, World Land Trust (WLT) and Lou Jost, co-founder of Fundación EcoMinga, are offering the naming rights of 10 recently discovered orchids after people who have made generous donations.

This rare opportunity is be part of WLT’s efforts to raise money to protect and conserve one of the most fragile and unique environments in the world. It is hoped that each orchid named will raise in the region of £10,000 to £15,000.

Name an orchid for a loved one

In the cloud forests high on the mountains of Ecuador rare and magical micro orchids live alongside equally magical animals including Mountain Tapir and Spectacled Bear. These orchids, some of the world’s tiniest plant species, survive only in the conditions particular to this region. Not only are they found nowhere else on earth, but they have only just been discovered by Lou.

Of the 10 recently discovered orchids, the one below is still available for naming. An orchid named for a loved one is a gift that not only lives a lifetime and but one that becomes part of science for the future.

Orchid 3 - Genus: Teagueia     

To register an interest in naming this orchid, please contact:
Vivien Burton at World Land Trust on +44 (0) 1986 874422 or

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