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Pledge your plot in the Great Garden Give!Bill Oddie measures his garden in preparation for the Great Garden Give

Help save the world’s most threatened habitats by supporting Great Garden Give - an eco-friendly fundraising campaign launched in June 2014 by World Land Trust (WLT).

All you have to do is measure or estimate the size of a garden you love (your own, or someone else’s): it can be a courtyard, a formal garden or a wildflower meadow.

Use the Great Garden Give calculator below to work out the size of your garden and then make the donation suggested.

At 2.5p per square metre, a donation of £2.50 will match the size of an average UK garden of 100 square metres - so it won't break the bank! (The minimum donation to Great Garden Give is £2.50.)

Donations to Great Garden Give will go to WLT’s Buy an Acre fund which purchases forest in urgent need of protection in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico and threatened savanna grassland in Bolivia

How to pledge your plot

  • Measure or estimate the size of your garden in metres or strides and enter the figures into the calculator below
  • Or if you can't measure your garden, estimate whether your garden is SMALL (£2.50 donation), MEDIUM (£15 donation) or LARGE (£25 donation) and then click on the appropriate button on the calculator.

Donate by text

You can also donate by texting from your mobile phone. For example, if you’d like to donate £5, text GRGG14 £5 to 70070. The maximum donation by text at any one time is £10.

Alternatively, you can make a donation to the World Land Trust by using PayPal

Here's the Great Garden Give Calculator!Bill Oddie measures his garden in preparation for the Great Garden Give


Great Garden Give conservation

Great Garden Give conservation

Great Garden Give isn’t just about raising funds. It’s also about encouraging people to reflect on the parallels between gardening and conservation.

Apart from the difference in scale, making and cultivating a garden has much in common with caring for a reserve. Whether it is a tiny plot or an area of many thousands of acres, the same principles apply.

Gardening and conservation are both about managing nature. Whether it’s planting a single tree or reforesting a large area, digging a pond or restoring a vast wetland, putting up fences or weeding out invasive plants – these are just some of the tasks that gardeners and conservationists carry out to create their ideal garden or reserve.

For 25 years World Land Trust has been raising funds to create nature reserves, with some half a million acres saved to date. But once formed, these protected areas all need looking after – just as a garden needs tending.

Great Garden Give conservation: 20 ways to transform your garden into a wildlife paradise »

Great Garden Give competition

Great Garden Give competition

Capture your special garden in its best light and share the picture with us for a chance to win a fantastic prize in the Great Garden Give competition!

It could be a cottage garden, urban courtyard or wildlife haven. It could belong to you, or to someone you know. It could even be a beautifully landscaped local park. Wherever it is, whatever it is, we’d love to see a picture and to hear what it means to you!

Prize winners will receive National Garden Gift Vouchers. 

Great Garden Give competition on WLT’s Facebook page »

Great Garden Give gallery

Great Garden Give gallery

Bill Oddie is one of many supporters of World Land Trust (WLT) who are backing Great Garden Give by making a donation to save an area of threatened habitat equivalent to the size of their garden.

We have a Great Garden Give gallery on our website where we’re uploading photos of our supporters in their gardens. Send us an image of you in your garden with a note telling us why you support the campaign. We’d love to hear from you! Email your images to:

Great Garden Give gallery »

Great Garden Give campaign

Great Garden Give tweet

Great Garden Give will encourage small donations, and the campaign’s success will depend on a large number of donors.

To make sure the campaign attracts widespread public interest we shall be relying on our own social networks and those of our supporters. Twitter and Facebook both have the potential to make the campaign a hit with the public.

Please do all you can to spread the word on your social networks and, if you tweet, please use the hashtag #greatgardengive.

Great Garden Give news

Great Garden Give news

Great Garden Give runs from 27 June to 13 July 2014.

During that time we shall bring you news of the people who are supporting the campaign, the total funds raised and the number of acres saved.

To keep up to date with the campaign visit the news section of WLT’s webpages or visit our Facebook page.

Great Garden Give news »

WLT Action Fund
Message from WLT Patron Sir David Attenborough
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