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From Dominic Belfield: I went to this talk and very much enjoyed what Bibiana Sucre had to say about the whole project and island. Of particular interest was what she had to say about the effect of WLT’s involvement in the securing of the site, and its impact on the local population. The local islanders clearly felt an overall boost to their flagging morale and developed a renewed sense of purpose when they could see that there was ‘World interest’ in their island and wildlife. They now believed that they had allies around the world where before they had been up against large mining companies only wanting to extract sands and mimerals, while leaving them with not much more than big holes in their island. This positive reinforcing of the benefits of wildlife protection on general morale and regional self-esteem should help to ensure the long-term success of the project and act as an example to others in similar positions. It’s been brilliant for the parrots there too, no longer just fodder for the (illegal) pet trade, the parrots are now firmly a symbol of societal, as well as ecological, health. Well Done ProVita and well done WLT; good job all round!
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