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David Attenborough and the human population

9 December, 2009 - 14:10 -- John Burton

On tonight's Horizon on BBC 2 Sir David Attenborough will be presenting a programme on the human population issue. I haven't seen a preview, but it is potentially one of the most important TV programmes of 2009. Sir David speaking out on the issue, at a time when carbon and climate change are high on the agenda, is very significant. It can be argued that addressing the human population issue is as important, if not more important than addressing carbon emissions. That is simply because rising human populations are the root of all the pollution, climate change, forest destruction etc. So please watch it and let us know your views tomorrow.

How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?
Wednesday 9 December, 9pm, BBC Two


Submitted by martinf on

An interesting topic and one that always causes great debate and one that humanity will have to deal with at some point. Let's deal with carbon emmissions first, as the timescale in which we have to turn that around is less than ANY possible reduction in population growth. Shall watch with interest

Submitted by Peter Leg on

Excellent movie but like most documentaries about the future how much effect will it have on the population.
I still think every child born this millennium is in for a rough ride. They will see the end of cheap oil, the end of plentiful food and safe water to drink, plus the end of modern medicine and possible the end of electricity. But we can look on the bright side, they will see the end of obesity.

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