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23 September, 2010 - 10:09 -- John Burton

We have recently advertised a couple of posts at the World Land Trust, and some of the responses really amaze me. I think the average job applicant must have very little idea how the selection process takes place.

Both positions had over 100 applicants, so the first glance at an application is critical.  With so many applicants the ones that will get long-listed are the ones that stand out, and the ones that fulfill the criteria given in the advert. In our case, what will make them stand out is an understanding of the organisation they would be working for Hardly any of the applicants for one of the jobs showed the slightest interest or empathy for wildlife. The job for a staff writer had several applicants who had not even checked their spelling, and had obvious grammatical errors. They certainly stood out -- but in the wrong way.

Time after time, interests were listed as 'walking' or 'reading' or even 'socialising'.  I do all of these every day, and so do most people.  I also breathe, eat, listen to music and perform various other bodily functions, as part of every day living. I do not consider these as 'Interests'.  Reading Natural history Books, or Gothic Novels, perhaps. Walking in Rainforests, perhaps.

So if anyone reading this is applying for a job, I hope, whatever it is, you can show you have real interests that are of some relevance, and you can demonstrate some enthusiasm.

Further information

For more infomation on jobs at the World Land Trust, visit our vacancies page.

The WLT website also has a useful section on how to apply for a job in conservation.


Submitted by Kelly (WLT) on

A strikingly similar situation is found when reading applications for internships – for which we have recently advertised a position.

Now I do take into account that this is a training role, and immediately standards of applications are not as high as for paid positions. However, even trainees should demonstrate some interest in the role for which they are applying. For example; several applicants waxed lyrical about WLT (a striking and rather clumsy attempt at flattery; that seemed deliberately aimed at averting focus from lack of interest in the actual position) but failed to mention how they would apply themselves, or had applicable skills, for the internship which this time has special focus on the WLT library and archives.

Please please please read and respond to the role description given in the job advert – otherwise you’re wasting your own time and a potential employers.

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