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Jocotoco Foundation statement regarding the Buenaventura Webcam incident

27 August, 2010 - 12:46 -- John Burton

Statement of the Jocotoco Foundation regarding the Buenaventura Webcam incident

We understand that several of our viewers witnessed an incident on Tuesday the 23rd of August on the Buenaventura Webcam, when a person has captured several hummingbirds from the feeders in front of the camera. We very much regret that this happened, causing upset and anger among our viewers. The incident happened when a group of young people arrived at the lodge and took advantage of the temporary absence of the person in charge to try to capture hummingbirds from the feeder. When the guard realized what happened he took immediate action, asking the person to release the birds and to leave the premises. As far as we know, the person did not wish to harm the birds and their thoughtless act has more to do with their low level of awareness than to bad intentions.

We would like to assure our viewers that we will take urgent remedial action to reduce the likelihood of such incidents happening in the future. We will put up notes in both Spanish and English warning people not to approach the feeders or attempt to touch the birds and we will put up a light barrier around the Webcam as well. The reserve staff will also explain these same rules to people who visit the premises and will keep vigilance as much as possible when people are around. In the long run, however, the best strategy is to develop a program of environmental education directed at Ecuadorians of all ages to create a culture of respect and appreciation of nature and the abundant wildlife around them. We are currently working with the municipality of Piñas to build an interpretative centre at Buenaventura, which will be the focal point of such activities. If you wish to donate towards the cost of this centre, you can do it through the World Land Trust UK Website or contact us directly at .

Thanks for your continuing support for our work and do keep watching! We are very grateful for your help.

Zoltan Waliczky
Executive Director
Jocotoco Foundation


Submitted by David Evans on

Thank you. I was worried, but delighted that the swift actions of your staff stopped any harmful actions. I hope you will not restrict access to the feeders as it truly is a remarkable experience to sit beside the feeder and enjoy that amazing wildlife spectacle. I recommend everyone visit Buenaventura Reserve and support the new center.

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