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Fieldwork in the tropics: photo update from Vietnam

9 August, 2016 - 15:56 -- World Land Trust
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PhD student Suzanne Stas brings us the latest update from Vietnam, where she is researching the impacts of forest degradation on carbon storage in Khe Nuoc Trong forest in Vietnam in a partnership between World Land Trust (WLT) and University of Leeds.

An update from the field: our fieldwork in Vietnam is progressing well and we have been on several trips to various sites in Khe Nuoc Trong forest. We established plots, measured hundreds of trees and counted stumps from logging. But let’s leave the research for what it is and show you what it means to do fieldwork in the tropics.

We were lucky enough to see some wildlife: we had two encounters with snakes, found some huge spiders and spotted monkeys. Plus, we have all been stung by forest bees.


Submitted by YIVA C. Herman on

Great Pictures Suzanne, I can now see what you mean when you say you are away in the heart of the forest, it was okay to be stung by insects .....and not the snakes ....wish you well... and we wait on to the results of your research ..... Bon Courage et Bonne Chance !!!

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