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23 June, 2010 - 09:30 -- John Burton

Why is the World Land Trust not signed up to the Fund Raising Standards Board?  This is a question which is covered in our website's FAQs but I don’t think I have ever been asked. I feel perhaps I ought to answer it anyway.

This was provoked by reading a summary of the complaints received by the Board. In 2009 it received 5000 complaints about direct mail, 2000 complaints about telephone fundraising, and another 2000 about door to door fundraising. And these are all methods of fundraising that the WLT does not use.  It also had over 1000 complaints about data protection, but again, since the WLT does not pass on to third parties any of its supporters’ data, we are unlikely to get complaints. So that is it, in a nutshell.

We don’t actually do most of the things that the FRSB was set up to regulate, and we believe that on the whole the standards we set ourselves are as high or higher than those of the FRSB, so why waste our supporters' money to get a logo on our website (it would cost £300-£400)?

But does the lack of the FRSB logo on our website have a negative impact – has it stopped anyone making  donations? That is far more difficult to ascertain, so any feedback and comments from our supporters would be very welcome.


Submitted by Dominic Belfield on

The longest answer any of your supporters can give you is: No.

Submitted by Daniel on

I just can support Dominic: Don’t waste money for this – this money is better used for land purchases

Submitted by Emeri Gvaramadze on

I have never heard about FRSB, but I have been your supporter for two years. It is efficiency of your charity, your common sense and dedication that keeps me on board. Your Green Diary makes a lots of difference too. Reading news or your own views on global warming, overpopulation, religion or modern art and your sincere interest in our feedback makes me feel like a part of the team and I really believe that we can and will make a difference. I used to support several well known charities like Fauna and Flora, Bird Life and WWF, but gave up due to lack of communication. I knew nothing about people running charity , nor they had any interest in me.

Thank you so much for all your incredible work. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to help to protect what is left of nature. I really couldn’t do it without you!

Submitted by andrew on

I think you are never going to know but I am sure it will only be a tiny minority who are influenced.

I often dwell on a version of this problem. I have self catering properties and we are not Tourist Board rated. We are full and get masses of repeats. What is surprising is no one has ever asked about it. So if I don’t get asked about a standard as well known as that. I think you can be assured that an FRSB logo on the site is not going to influence people much.

I would guess the majority do not know what the FRSB stands for anyway and web pages have so much junk on them.

I think your openness, common sense, blogs etc help people feel they know the WLT.( I have just read the comments and Emari says it all and much better.)

I actually looked at the site to check after falling upon the BBC wildlife fund raising programme the other night on their fund raising including reefs in the Philippines, remembering you had a project there, before they started?

Submitted by John Burton on

Many thanks for this feedback, which is very encouraging. It was always my gut feeling. But sometimes a bit of self doubt does raise its head, and so I feel it is very reassuring to get feedback. Thanks and plese keep responding.

Submitted by Jamila Conser on

Personally Im impressed by the quality of this. Generally when I come across these sort of things I like to post them on Digg. This article probably wont do well with that crowd. Ill take a look around your site though and submit something else.

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