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1,000th WLT Partner pledges to make regular donation

3 February, 2010 - 09:03 -- World Land Trust
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WLT's Partners are supporters who pledge a regular donation every month. The minimum donation requirement is just £5 a month and this can be paid by Direct Debit or Standing Order. Together, Partners provide us with the ability to plan ahead, knowing that we have a monthly income that can be used for urgent conservation projects.

WLT Partner support in 2009 amounted to over £130,000, the highest figure ever, so our partners are incredibly important to us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting our urgent work in this way - with an extra special thank you to our recently signed up 1,000th Partner!

If you are thinking of becoming a WLT Partner, it is now easier than ever to sign up: you can create a Direct Debit donation mandate online instantly, without having to print and return forms.

Full details of our Partner scheme, including other ways to make regular donations, are available on our Partner web page. If you have any queries please call 01986 874422 and speak to our donations team.


Submitted by Anonymous on

Come on everyone, its really easy to do this! I signed up a few months back and I really like the idea that WLT are out there making it happen on all of our behalfs. The least we can all do is show a bit of willing and sign up to a direct debit!!!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Fantastic news! But i bet we can do better. Please, guys £5 is really not that much and makes such a huge difference. If we dont do anything right now then all wild, remote and untouched places on earth will be lost- forever! Do you really want the only place that you can see animals be in the zoo? Protect the worlds wild land!!!

Submitted by Helena Akerlund on

Thank you for the support and encouragement Anonymous 1 and 2! You can help further by telling your friends about what the WLT does and why you have chosen to give your support. Spread the word!

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