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More than £15,000 received from school fundraising in 2013

7 January, 2014 - 10:37 -- World Land Trust
Four pupils from Sevenoaks School with their WLT certificate.
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During 2013, fundraising efforts in schools helped raise more than £15,000 for World Land Trust (WLT). Coming from a wide range of events and activities, these donations reflect an impressive commitment on the part of pupils and teachers to conserving biodiverse landscapes and their species.  

Kelly Jacobs, WLT's Education, Outreach & Training Manager, is in regular contact with teachers and students from primary to university level. She is cheered at how keen school children and students are to learn about conservation and how much young people want to do their bit to raise funds for WLT.

“It is always heartening to see the enthusiasm of students and staff from educational establishments right across the age spectrum,” said Kelly, who is regularly surprised by the creative ways in which schools raise funds.

School fundraising activities

During 2013 pupils at Sevenoaks School in Kent, for example, were motivated to do well academically because every 100 distinctions prompted the school to donate £100 to WLT's Buy an Acre appeal.

Other school fundraising activities include raffles, casual dress days, bake sales, a pop up cafe and even pelting professors with wet sponges – all in the name of saving the rainforest! 

Of the donations from schools in 2013, seven were for £500 or more with the largest being more than £1,000.

Just fewer than half the donations were for £100 or less and for some schools a relatively small amount can be just as much effort to raise than in more wealthy areas where it is easier to achieve a higher amount.

“Whether the donation raised is £10 or £1,000 we appreciate everything that can be spared and we love hearing stories of how the money was raised,” said Kelly. “Both students and teachers really throw themselves into their fundraising projects and they like being able to keep in touch with the latest developments for the project they have supported through the news stories on our website; I see this as a very positive and educational experience.”

More than half the donations were specifically for Buy an Acre projects and nearly two thirds of the donations were from schools that had had no previous contact with WLT.

WLT's 25th anniversary year

“In 2014, WLT's 25th anniversary year, we are looking forward to supporting more schools to fundraise for World Land Trust,” adds Kelly. “We have a good range of free and easily available resources for different key stages. The resources are suitable for different age groups and for both formal and informal learning, so teachers can decide how best to use them in the classroom.” 

All schools that donate £25 or more receive a Certificate to record their support and regular updates by way of eBulletins and WLT News.

More information

Free resources from World Land Trust, for both formal and informal education, can be found in the Discover & Learn section of WLT website »

Find out how schools can raise funds for WLT » 
Young Fundraisers' Hall of Fame »


Submitted by David High on

Dear Kelly,
Last year I managed to get schools involved in buying rainforest land with the world land trust. We saved about seven or more acres of land. My child's school is also going to raise money for the trust soon but I want to do more! Could you give me brochures or any info that you may have to promote your trust. I myself am a Biologist with a passion to save our beautiful world.
Watch me save more rainforest land this year, I promise I can and will do it!
Many thanks for all your work, you are truly a fantastic organisation.

Submitted by Kelly Jacobs on

Dear David

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response. It is always so good to hear stories of successful fundraising within schools. The range of ways that individuals promote the World Land Trust, and fundraise is really interesting; Individual fundraisers can find out more about supporting World Land Trust here: 

The diverse ways in which schools fundraise for World Land Trust are constantly surprising and delightful, schools wishing to find out more about fundraising for World Land Trust can do so here:



Education, Outreach & Training Manager

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