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Hoping for rain

11 October, 2013 - 14:40 -- John Burton

As I write, rain is lashing the offices of World Land Trust (WLT) in Halesworth, and I find myself hoping that the bad weather will continue into next week.

Big Match Fortnight

Why? Because the pattern of donations to WLT suggests a link between the weather and online donations, and we are now more than half way through our biggest fundraising effort of the year, Big Match Fortnight.

It has been our experience that when the weather is warm and sunny, donations drop, but when it is cold and wet, they increase. When you think about it, it makes sense. On a lovely day, why would you want to spend time at a computer making charitable donations?

During Big Match Fortnight all donations to our Borneo Rainforest Appeal will be doubled thanks to match funding pledged by a small group of extraordinarily generous benefactors. With £400,000 in the match fund kitty, we have the potential to raise £800,000. So far we received £108,000 in donations, so there is still a long way to go.

For my part, I can think of nothing better than a crisp sunny autumnal weekend. But, if the wind and the rain play a part in motivating supporters to donate during Big Match Fortnight, then I hope the bad weather lasts at least until next Thursday.

Big Match Fortnight, 2-16 October 2013. Please give generously.

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Submitted by Dominic Belfield on

Well, it's been raining here in London.... Most of the day. And it is genuinely exciting to see the running total mount up so encouragingly. I do hope all those supporters out there realise that this is your chance to double up your donation and some, and get it translated into hard conservation on Borneo.

Well done, everyone. Your reward is in Orang Utans, hornbills and elephants. Good move.

Submitted by john on

The Big Match Fortnight has been WLT's most successful fundraiser ever, and thanks are due to the donors who put up the matching funds (there's still some left). In fact one donor alone has promised up to £250,000 to match public donations. And just as important as the funds we are raising has been the surge in new donors who have become aware of WLT. We don't often spend money on advertising campaigns, and all the recent advertising you may have seen for Borneo has been generously donated by the publishers. And it was great to see a turnout of over 250, including lots of students, as well as Dominic Belfield, at Controversial Conservation last night.

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