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An artist's voice for conservation: Jennifer Hooper

11 July, 2013 - 16:08 -- John Burton
Capuchin monkey, black and white photo. © Jennifer Hooper.

I receive many requests for help in publicising conservation issues. Generally speaking, unless the issue is something we are already aware of, it’s not possible to offer assistance because  carrying out due diligence is time consuming, and our priority has to be promoting the projects that World Land Trust is already supporting.

But today I had a request from Jennifer Hooper, a London based artist and photographer, about a project that I am prepared to publicise. 

Jennifer has recently found ways to promote conservation issues through artistic projects. Following some time spent in Guatemala last year (charting the demise of the Atitlan Grebe and the continuing threat to the Atitlan wildlife and ecosystem) her work was featured in the Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition at ONCA gallery in Brighton and is to be included in their forthcoming Bloomsbury publication. 

Her latest project is Into the Wild: A residency at the animal refuge Parque Ambue Ari in Bolivia owned by Communidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY). 

 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

A landscape photograph of Salar de Uyuni illustrates Bolivia’s diverse topography. © Jennifer Hooper.

Jennifer writes: “CIWY is a very special place - it was the pioneer of the environmental movement in Bolivia and is recognised internationally for three centres that rescue and rehabilitate wild animals. It is a unique community, passionate and fearless about protecting and preserving a vulnerable part of the Amazon and the wildlife that belongs there.”

Jennifer will be based at CIWY for two months, and will produce work for two exhibitions - one in Bolivia (Santa Cruz) and one in the UK (Brighton). Through these twin exhibitions she aims to raise the profile of the sanctuary, and the issues of deforestation and the live animal trade.

I haven’t done a detailed evaluation of the project, but it does seem worthwhile. Follow the links and make up your own mind. Meanwhile, I have asked Jennifer if she would like to exhibit in the World Land Trust Gallery in the future.


I'm a trustee of the UK part of CIWY and had the fortune to meet Jennifer a couple of months ago. Jennifer produces profound work and we are excited about this project, so we were extremely pleased when she reached her funding target just three days before the deadline. Huge thanks for your support John Burton.

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Submitted by John Burton on

A comment about an entirely different issue (on twitter) was posted here. The comment was anonymous, but if the person who posted the comment wishes to repost it, please send it to twitter.

Thank you World Land Trust for your support, I'm really looking forward to exhibiting in the gallery in the future.
I'm absolutely thrilled to say that INTO THE WILD has been successfully funded and the project can go ahead. I'll be travelling to Bolivia and to CIWY on the 10th of September!
This would not be possible without the compassionate support I have received, it's such an inspiration to make the project as successful as possible.

If you would like to follow the progress of the project I shall be posting blog entries on my website.

It was a pleasure to meet you too Chris and thanks for your kind words. I extremely excited about the project too and hope that it will be a success.

Submitted by Travis LeBlanc on

Make sure you get some great drawings of my girl Maggie! Best looking animal at the park by far

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