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Limerick Competition overall winner: The People's Vote!

24 April, 2013 - 11:00 -- World Land Trust
Edward Lear's illustration of his Old Man with a Beard limerick
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World Land Trust’s limerick competition is now closed. The judges’ verdicts are in, and prizes are in the pipeline.

We had a great response to the competition with 80 limericks received. We much enjoyed reading them all in the WLT office and we are glad that we didn't have to choose the winner!

Our three judges didn't agree either, so we have allowed each of them to select their own personal favourite. We shall be awarding a prize to each of the judges' first choices.

These are the three limericks selected as winners by the judges and it is now down to you to decide the overall winner. 

Bill Oddie's verdict

Bill chose Patrick McKeon’s limerick:

   World Land Trust has a mission succinct:
   Men and all other species are linked
   By protecting them all
   Whether giant or small
   We pay homage to those now extinct

Patrick’s prize is a signed copy of Bill Oddie's Birds of Britain & Ireland.

Martin Kiszko's verdict

Martin chose Sally Peberday’s limerick:

   An Orang-utan called Joan
   was in danger of losing her home,
   she called WLT
   to help save her trees,
   and now she has forests to roam.

Sally’s prize is a signed copy of Martin’s Green Poems for a Blue Planet.

Simon Barnes' verdict

Simon chose Peter Davies’ limerick:

   There was a young mover and shaker
   who knew nothing of ‘acre by acre’
   but when left on the shelf
   she re-cycled herself,
   now she’s saving the world for her Maker.

Peter’s prize is a signed copy of Simon’s Birdwatching with your Eyes Closed.

Vote for the overall winner

So, please vote for your favourite limerick. The closing date for voting is Monday 6 May at noon (BST). To vote all you have to do is either comment on this page or comment on World Land Trust’s Facebook page and we shall do the rest.

The prize for the overall winner will be a framed, illustrated copy of the winning limerick. The winner will also have the chance to meet Bill Oddie to receive the prize personally, either in Halesworth (Suffolk) or London, at a time and place convenient to the winner and Bill. 

We shall publish other limericks commended by the judges when we announce the overall winner.

Please vote now!


Submitted by chris Jenkin on

Vote for Sally Peberday - all good but hers has a certain je ne sais quoi

Submitted by Jon Thomerson on

I'd like to vote for the orang-utan one (Sally Peberday)

Submitted by Michelle Williams on

I would like to vote for Sally Pebberday and Joan the Oran-utan. They are all good but this one made me smile.

Submitted by Julian Cooper on

I Like Sally Peberday's One. Joan the Oran-utan sounds like a great girl.

Submitted by Murray Cameron on

I agree with the comments of others regarding the Orangutan limerick, by the lady (I assume she's a lady!) Sally Peberday - very good!!

Submitted by Robyn Fredenham on

I vote for Sally Peberdays 'Joan' maybe she can write another one for Bob!

Submitted by Gill Smith on

Definitely the one about "Joan" - made me smile!

Submitted by Siggy Garcia on

As limericks go, Patrick McKeon's has a ring of its own.

Submitted by Pat McConnel on

I vote for Patrick McKeon, excellently constructed limerick about the 'big picture'

Submitted by Hong Loh on

I vote for Patrick McKeon. More complete & wholistic view.

Submitted by craig gardner on

i vote for Patick McKeon. His limerick stands above the others for its broad reach and insigtful message as well as its mellifluous wording.

Submitted by claire mcgonigal on

I vote for Sally Peberday. I want to give Joan a cuddle.

Submitted by James Stubbs on

Go Sally Peberday.

Submitted by Wendy Westcott on

I like Orang utans and love Sally Peberday's limerick, it made me smile.
'Orang utan'.....'forest people'......and Joan is a forest person......well done Sally!

Submitted by Marina McKeon on

I would like to vote for Patrick McKeon, true limerick style.

Submitted by Julianne rowe on

Sally Peberdays! I live in Indonesia the home of the Orangutan

Submitted by Jeremy Parker on

I'm going to swim against the tide and choose Peter Davies. I like the "Shaker/Acre/Maker" rhyme!

Submitted by Jacqueline Moulson on

I like Patrick McKeon's limerick.


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