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Take the "Save the Rainforest" pledge

19 December, 2008 - 00:00 -- World Land Trust
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Take the Rainforest Pledge

Make 2009 the year you take a "Save the Rainforest" pledge! (No donations necessary)

We are sometimes asked if there are alternative ways of supporting the WLT for those who are unable to donate to save acres. In light of the current economic climate we feel it is timely to highlight other ways that help us save threatened habitats.

How to make a pledge

  1. Have a look at our Save rainforests page for inspiration on how to take small but simple steps to save rainforests and other important ecosystems.
  2. Make a pledge either on the discussion board of the WLT's Facebook group or make one as a comment on this page.

Please join us in taking a pledge to Take Positive Action in 2009!

Rainforest Safari

Update 11th February:

If you take the pledge before the end of February, you will have the chance to win a wonderful new book; Rainforest Safari.

We have one copy to give away, which will be sent to a randomly chosen participant in March. (If you choose to leave your pledge on this page, rather than on Facebook, please copy your pledge and email it to us as well, if you would like to be entered into the draw. Otherwise we won't be able to contact you if you win! We would suggest not putting your email address in your comment as it may be picked up by 'spam robots'.)

Update 30th March:

Thank you all for making pledges! A winner has been selected, but you can still continue to make pledges - the more ideas we can all share, the better.

Read a review of Rainforest Safari here.



Submitted by Anonymous on

My pledge is to holiday in the UK or Europe and not fly (except to visit close family in USA, very infrequently). When I do fly I will pay to offset the carbon.

We've also just gone down to one car and I intend to use public transport as much as possible.


Submitted by Anonymous on

I pledge to continue to live as frugally as possible, by necessity and by choice: to consume as little as possible, to continue to never replace anything until it can no longer be repaired; to recycle, reuse, and share; to continue to advocate and be an activist for human and environmental justice, which are inseparable, to maintain my immediate habitat as a home for wildness and wildlife, to avoid buying products made from endangered sources, to eat no foods that are taken from the oceans by destructive methods or to eat endangered ocean life; to work for an end to nuclear proliferation and for renewable, sustainable energy sources; to boycott the destructiveness and greed that drives so many people, and to speak out for the Earth; to walk as lightly as I possibly can, and there's more... so much more, which each individual can do No one person can save the world, but each one doing many things can, and by joining together enormous changes are possible. We are the species in whose hands lies the future of life on Earth. We must repair what we have ravaged, and save what has not yet been destroyed.

Carol Halberstadt

Submitted by Anonymous on

My Pledge:
To try and grow more veg that can be stored all winter without using the freezer (squashes were a good start, now I need to try drying beans.)
To buy as much as I can second-hand.
To find ways to treat myself that don't involve buying anything at all.
To keep asking questions about how supply chains work and how systems are linked together, in case I'm doing bad things through ignorance.
Not to get lazy about making the effort.


Submitted by Anonymous on

I have promised myself not to fly any more, and to start growing food on a nearby allotment.

Quentin Given

Submitted by Helena Akerlund on

Thanks for the pledges so far, keep them coming - but please email us as well as otherwise we won't be able to contact you if you win the Rainforest Safari book!

Submitted by Helena Akerlund on

I pledge to live simply, simple vegetarian food, travel by public transport, avoiding silk, and spend as frugally totally avoiding excesses, never throw away or een replace anything even if it contains the chance of some utility, to encourage recycling, to love and respect the environment, all life and strive and help preserve them.

Submitted by Anonymous on

My pledge is to
-spread the word about WLT and send WLT e-cards
-save an acre of forest on a regular basis
-keep up to date with FSC
-visit the ecologyfund website daily
-use when I search the web
-minimize my ecological footprint (which is already tiny!) to almost nothing
-recycle, recycle, recycle
-watch all the DVDs from David Attenborough to learn more about species I haven't known before
-as a student of veterinary medicine I'm interested in every living creature on this wonderful planet. Mankind is NOT the summit of creation. The crime we are committing every single day is that we are destroying biodiversity and letting countless species of animals and plants become extinct - before we even know about them. Nobody has given us the right to exploit this planet and destroy millions of years of brilliant evolution.
The more people become fascinated about this planet and the creatures living on it, the higher goals in conservation we can achieve!!


Submitted by Anonymous on

I pledge to continue to recycle as much as possible and make sure my whole family stays involved in doing this.

I pledge to continue to use reusable shopping bags.

I pledge to continue to conserve as much as possible in my home, including using so much water, electricity, etc. and unplug appliances that can be unpluged when not in use and use as little water as possible, do my own dishes and not use the dish washer.

I pledge to try to get as many people involved with recycle as possible, including my parents.

Thanks. Angela Bailey

Submitted by Anonymous on

I will not wast paper or use products that harm the rainforest in anyway. I will switch to any carbon nutural or energy efficiant products i can. I will cycle or take the bus and not drive when ever i can.

Reece thornley

Submitted by Helena Akerlund on

A winner has now been drawn: Josephine Dunn, who left the following pledge on WLT's Facebook group page:

"I pledge to tell all my friends & family about the World Land Trust & the work it does to save the planet, to buy eco-friendly presents (my sons got 1/2 acre of rainforest each for Xmas), to write on every scrap of paper before using it to light my fire made of unwanted offcuts from pallets, to mend, remake and make from unwanted fabric all the things I design & sell, to encourage everyone to use real bags (which I make) & not offer customers plastic ones so they have to ask (which means thinking about litter & resources), to use my car less and walk more, to lobby for better public transport & support local producers to reduce the amount of travel my food does."

Congratulations Josephine!

Please continue to leave pledges here, or on the Facebook page, or update the ones you have already left. It's great to hear what everyone's doing to help save rainforests and other habitats. Keep going!


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