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World Land Trust shortlisted for two awards

2 April, 2012 - 15:05 -- John Burton

Now regular readers of my blog will be aware that I have been pretty scathing about charities and awards ceremonies in the past, and so might be surprised to find out that the World Land Trust (WLT) is in the shortlist for two awards at Business Charity Awards 2012, announced this week.

This is not hypocrisy on my part, because my objection has primarily been to charities spending money and time on entering for awards, and even worse spending money on dressing up and having expensive awards ceremony dinners. 

Entries to these Business Charity Awards are paid for by the business – in this case our coffee sponsor Miko, who give two per cent of the turnover on their Puro brand to the WLT. It makes perfectly good business sense for them to enter for such an award, since it will undoubtedly help drive more business to them. If even only a handful of the businesses and charities find out about the brand and start buying it for their coffee machines, their investment will soon be repaid.

Incidentally it’s also a very good way of my readers to help fundraise for the WLT. Just pass on the message: Puro Coffee – it’s ideal for businesses of all sizes. The machines grind the beans for a really fresh cup of organic fair-trade coffee. We at the WLT are more than happy to help market it, because it really does taste great.

Puro Coffee is not on sale in the high street (yet) but it’s ideal for school and university Common Rooms, and anywhere else where coffee is drunk in reasonable quantities. And not just in the UK, it is also popular as far afield as Poland and Australia.

So we are very pleased indeed that Miko (the owners of the Puro brand of coffee) have been shortlisted for the awards in both the Affinity Marketing and the Cause-related Marketing categories. They certainly deserve to win, as in both areas they really are leading the way, by making a significant commitment both in terms of money but also long term.  

Sadly the WLT seems to be the only wildlife or environmental charity in the shortlists. Even companies which have significant environmental impacts don’t seem to support environmental charities.



Submitted by Dominic Belfield on

I'm pretty sure I encountered the Puro brand in the students' coffee bar in King's College, Cambridge. (The University, that is)
Now there's a 'quality' sales environment!

Submitted by John on

Yes Puro is certainly around Cambridge. And anyone in the Halesworth area is welcome to call at our Office and have a free coffee while inspecting the artwork in the new Gallery (currently showing Andrew Squires and Martin Woodcock art).

Submitted by John Burton on

As a follow-up to this blog, I forgot to append, so far, PURO WON!

Submitted by John Burton on

And furthermore, the Puro Coffee is now on sale in the Royal Parks

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