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Fundacion Melimoyu

NGO Founded: 1994
Partnership Formed: 2011

Organisation's aim: Fundación Melimoyu’s mission is to promote the establishment of terrestrial and marine protected areas as part of a strategy to conserve the ecosystems of southern Chile.


Partner History

Fundación Melimoyu was founded in 1994 although its activities were put on hold while President and Founder, Carlos Cuevas, worked on conservation projects with other organisations. The foundation was re-established in 2007 and has been active in conservation ever since.

Partnership with WLT

In 2010, a conservation expedition to Chile called CUCHI 2007 donated their remaining expedition funds to WLT for the purpose of later donating it to a Chilean NGO who would use the funds for conservation work in the country. Fundación Melimoyu were recommended to WLT by a mutual contact and the organisation later submitted a proposal to WLT for help with a feasibility study in southern Chile.

Projects with WLT

Feasibility Study

The partnership is still in its early stages but so far WLT has supported a feasibility study in the areas that Melimoyu work. The study specifically looked into the possibilities for land purchase in the Tictoc-Melimoyu Marine Protected Area.

Other projects and activities

  • Land conservation includes the following projects; the Corcovado National Park Expansion and Management project, the Isla Magdalena National Park Expansion and Management project, the creation of Melimoyu National Park, Tictoc-Melimoyu Marine Protected Area, and of the Pitipalena Añihué, Santo Domingo Marine Protected Area;
  • The organisation runs environmental campaigns, with successes including campaigns against the salmon industry in the Aysén Region and against a high tension power line;
  • Scientific research into the fauna and flora present in proposed marine protected areas;
  • Outreach activities include creating films of cetaceans found within the areas they work and the publication of their book Area Protegida Tictoc Melimoyu.
Contact details: 

President: Carlos Cuevas


Address: Fundación Melimoyu, Santiago 7940763, Metropolitana, Chile

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