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Fundação O Boticário de Proteção de Natureza

NGO Formed: 1990
Partnership Formed: 2008

Organisation’s aim: To promote and carry out nature conservation in Brazil.

Partner history

Fundação O Boticário was formed as a branch of the O Boticário, one of Brazil’s largest cosmetic companies. The founder of the company, Miguel Gellert Krigsner, established the conservation organisation to help conserve nature and as part of the company's social responsibility. Initially the foundation provided funding to other environmental projects but now runs its own nature reserves and field stations.

Partnership with WLT

Following an approach from a donor interested in supporting conservation in southern Brazil, WLT carried out a site visit to the region. WLT and Fundação O Boticário completed a feasibility study of land purchase in the area and a partnership between the organisations was formed. Although an area of land has been identified as needing protection, land purchase has been put on hold until funding is available.

Payments for Ecological Services Symposium
WLT partners at a symposium held in a Fundação O Boticário reserve in 2009

Projects with WLT

2009 Symposium

The 2009 symposium organised by WLT and IUCN-NL, titled Payments for Ecological Services and Strengthening Memberships, was held at O Boticario's Salto Morato Reserve.

Other projects and activities

  • Conservation of protected areas covering 11,000 acres of Atlantic Forest and Cerrado savannah;
  • Running the Oasis Project to reward land owners for protecting their own natural areas;
  • Running two field stations as education and research basis for students and the local community;
  • Providing funding for more than 1,000 conservation projects run by over 400 Brazilian institutions.

Awards and achievements

Below is a summary of Fundação O Boticário's awards but a full list is available on their website.

2011: Prêmio GreenBest; Prêmio Destaques A Lavoura; Homenagem do Prêmio von Martius de Sustentabilidade ao Projeto Oásis, pelos serviços prestados à sociedade;

2010: Prêmio LIF;

2009: Expressão de Ecologia Award; Fauna Friend Stamp; Cataratas Trophy;

2008: Von Martius Sustainability Award; Environmental Merit Certificate; Prize PLAQUE; 16th Expressão de Ecologia Award; Brasil Ambiental Award; Premio Integración Latino Americano.

Contact details: 

Contact name: Maria de Lourdes Nunes (Executive Director)

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