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Aves Uruguay

NGO founded: 1994
Partnership formed: 2009

Organisation’s aim: To research, study, and monitor birds and their habitats in Uruguay.

Partner history

Aves Uruguay started as the Uruguayan Group for the Study and Conservation of Birds (GUPECA) by Professor Raul Vaz Ferreira, with the aim of linking together biologist, ornithologists, researchers, and teachers.

Partnership with WLT

The WLT was introduced to Aves Uruguay by existing partner Guyra Paraguay and they attended the 2008 partners’ symposium in Brazil. WLT went on a site visit to Uruguay to meet with Aves Uruguay and discuss the potential for land purchase projects in the area.

Butia Palm Savannah
Butia Palm Savannah, where Aves Uruguay is in the early stages of identifying land purchase projects.

Projects with WLT

Butia Palm Savannah, Uruguay

WLT and Aves Uruguay are still in the early stages of investigating an area of land to purchase in Uruguay and do not have an active project.

Other projects and activities

  • Running education programmes, including monthly lectures and courses by well-known naturalists;
  • Research into identifying Important Bird Areas (IBAs) throughout Uruguay and development of a species database.
Contact details: 

Executive Director: Agustin Carriquiry

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