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WLT Environmental Policy


The World Land Trust’s mission is to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems of the world, and to conserve their biodiversity, with a particular focus on Central and South America, Africa and Asia.  We work by developing partnerships with local individuals, communities and organisations to engage support and commitment among the people who live in project areas.   The World Land Trust also works to meet the challenge of climate change through projects that both offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and conserve biodiversity through its Carbon Balanced programme.

The World Land Trust recognises that fulfilling our mission inevitably has adverse effects on the environment, but we are committed to mitigating this effect as far as possible while continuing our work of preserving threatened habitats.

WLT will:

  • Identify the impacts of our operations on the environment and take all practical steps to reduce them.
  • Make all staff aware of the environmental policy and engage the commitment of the staff in developing and implementing the policy.
  • Manage our activities to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and undertake regular reviews of the policy to assess and enhance its effectiveness.
  • Where possible and relevant we will seek to support local suppliers and businesses.  We will consider suppliers’ ethical and environmental policy in making purchasing decisions, and challenge practices which we consider to be unsustainable or unethical.
  • We will work to raise awareness, in the UK and elsewhere, of the need for conservation, to improve understanding and generate support through education, information and fundraising.  In particular, we will support and encourage our corporate supporters in developing and implementing their corporate social responsibility and environmental policies.
  • We will review this policy annually, or if our business activities change significantly.

Practical steps to implement the policy

We minimise our use of resources by our policy of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ by 

  • reducing waste and conserving resources (including energy, water, paper, etc)
  • re-using resources where possible (especially paper, packaging)
  • recycling: all staff participate in our in-house recycling scheme, and any waste which cannot be recycled will be disposed of responsibly

Where possible communications are electronic (e-mail, electronic conferencing by Skype, etc.). Business travel is restricted to essential meetings and events, and appointments are scheduled to reduce travel to a minimum.  Where practical, public transport is always chosen.
Staff who live in commuting distance from our office are encouraged to car share where possible.  Home working arrangements are also possible where appropriate.
We work with our supporters and partners to assist and advise them in developing their social responsibility policies and making their operations more sustainable.

This policy was reviewed (date): 13 January 2014                                                                     

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