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98th Trustees Meeting, 25th AGM

25 June 2015


WLT Australia

  • Trustees were advised that as World Land Trust was the single (corporate) member of WLT Australia, it was necessary to appoint an authorised representative.  John Burton, already a Director of WLT Australia, was then duly appointed as the authorised representative.

Administration and Financial Matters

  • Trustees reviewed the audited accounts and audit report for 2014.  It was agreed that it was a very clean audit, and Trustees agreed to recommend approval of the accounts at the AGM, which was to follow.  Trustees congratulated WLT employees on an excellent result for 2014.
  • Trustees discussed the management accounts to April 2015, and were pleased to note overall a solid performance.
  • Trustees approved the proposed cost of living staff salary increase.
  • Trustees accepted the recommendation of the Administration and Finance (A&F) Committee to approve the annual review of the WLT Risk Assessment.


  • Trustees were advised about a proposal to establish a Nominations Committee; membership and terms of reference would be submitted for approval by Trustees at the September meeting.

Retirement and appointment of Council Members

  • Council Members Mark Carwardine, Dr Lee Durrell and Richard Porter stood down as Council Members at the completion of their 5 year term of office.  The Chairman thanked all on behalf of the Trustees for their service and support.
  • Sir Kenneth Carlisle and Bruce Pearson, who were due to retire as Trustees at the forthcoming AGM having competed their terms of office, were appointed as Council Members.
  • David Wallis, former Deputy Director of the Whitley Fund for Nature, was nominated as a Council Member and duly elected.

25th AGM

  • Annual Report & Accounts for 2014. The audited accounts were reviewed and approved.  Revenue for the year was confirmed at £3.2m, with a project spend of £1.6m; £2m carried forward to 2015 had already been allocated to projects and would be disbursed to partners as soon as possible.  It was agreed that the result represented a very good performance, putting WLT into a strong financial position.
  • The accounts for World Land Trust Trading Ltd had been reviewed at an earlier meeting of Directors and approved.

Appointment and re-appointment of Trustees and Officers

  • Dr Gerard Bertrand was unanimously re-appointed as the Trust’s Honorary President.
  • Myles Archibald was unanimously re-appointed as Honorary Treasurer.

Retirement and appointment of Trustees

  • Sir Kenneth Carlisle and Bruce Pearson retired as Trustees, having completed their 6 year terms of office.  Both had agreed to be nominated as Council Members, and had been formally appointed at the Trustees Meeting which had taken place earlier in the day.
  • Nick Brown, founder and Managing Director of Nikwax and Páramo and WLT Ambassador, was elected as a Trustee.
  • Council Member Rohini Finch was re-elected as a Trustee, having stepped down as a Trustee at the 2014 AGM on completion of her initial 6 year term of office.
  • Nicola Davies was formally elected by the Members, having been co-opted by Trustees in 2014.
  • Appointment of Auditors: The Honorary Treasurer thanked the auditors, Lovewell Blake, for their work in auditing the 2014 accounts.  Lovewell Blake were then unanimously re-appointed as auditors. 


  • The Chairman welcomed to the meeting new Trustees and Council Members, appointed at previous meetings, and introduced Frank Antram, one of the three Directors of WLT Australia.

Five Year Development Strategy

  • John Burton gave a presentation on the draft Development Strategy, which was followed by a discussion and feedback session.  Members of the Development, Communications and Programmes teams went on to give presentations focussing on the individual strategies being developed to meet the challenges and opportunities for increasing the conservation impact of WLT’s work, to communicate the key messages and engage support, and to generate the additional revenue needed to support the conservation aims.
  • Trustees and Council Members endorsed the strategy in principle.  It was anticipated that the final Strategy document, incorporating feedback from all stakeholders, would be presented for approval at the September meeting. 
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