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96th Council Meeting

4 December 2014


New Trustee: Nicola Davies

  • New Trustee Nicola Davies was warmly welcomed to her first meeting.

Jane Pointer legacy

  • Trustees were informed that WLT had been named as a major beneficiary in the will of long-standing supporter Jane Pointer, whose sad death had been announced earlier in the year.  A discussion was held on how major legacies should be handled to ensure that the generosity of the benefactor is appropriately recognised.

Administration and Financial Matters

  • Trustees reviewed and approved the Management Accounts for October 2014, with a revised forecast to the year end.  While results to date suggested that revenue was on target, a significant donation had been received from a corporate supporter in the last few days which was expected to boost the final income figure.
  • Trustees approved proposals to register WLT as a charity in Australia to enable Australian supporters to make tax efficient donations.
  • Trustees reviewed and approved the Draft Budget for 2015.

Nomination and resignation of Council Members

  • Mark Gruin, who has a long association with the Trust, was nominated and unanimously appointed as a Council Member. 
  • The Chairman announced that Alan Martin had resigned as a Council Member. Trustees asked for a letter to be sent expressing the thanks of the Board for his years of service and welcoming his continuing support for WLT.

Development Strategy

  • Trustees discussed plans to devise a Five Year Development Strategy to establish the WLT’s objectives and ambitions over the next five years, and to identify how the WLT needed to organise itself to achieve them.


Conservation Programme

  • Head of Programmes, Dave Wright, presented an outline 3 year conservation programme, drawn up in consultation with the Trust’s programme partners.  This new conservation planning process was aimed at working with the Trust’s partners to develop a more strategic approach for maximising the conservation impact on a landscape scale. Trustees and Council Members reviewed and endorsed the 3 year programme, which aspired to save more than 145,000 hectares of endangered habitat and would provide 34 rangers. The conservation budget for 2015 was approved. (Further details of the conservation programme can be found here.)
  • The Board asked that their congratulations be conveyed to the programmes team for an exciting conservation programme for the following year.
  • Council Member William Ferwerda gave a brief introduction to Commonland: an organisation which he had founded in collaboration with IUCN’s Commission on Ecosystem Management (IUCN CEM) and Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University).  He explained that Commonland’s objectives were to create large-scale landscape restoration projects capable of attracting business investment with a unique model providing measurable returns which combined long-term financial profit with positive environmental, social and spiritual outcomes. 


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