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88th World Land Trust Council Meeting

Thursday 6 December 2012

The meeting began with a Trustees-only meeting. It was announced that Albertino Abela had sent his resignation as a Trustee. This was greeted with regret by all present, who wished to extend their thanks for his very generous support and commitment over the past few years.

Finance and Admin

  • Trustees were advised that the 2011 audited accounts had been signed and filed.
  • Trustees reviewed and approved a cost-cutting plan which was intended to restore and maintain WLT’s general funds at their target level.
  • It was noted that the purchase of the property in the Misiones Rainforest Corridor, Argentina, had been completed. WLT’s partners, FuNaFu and Fundación Biodiversidad Argentina were working with the indigenous Guarani community on a management plan for the reserve. Although this land purchase had taken six years to complete it was a ground-breaking achievement, recognised in Argentina as a first for conservation. 
  • Management accounts for November 2012 were reviewed and approved.
  • The draft budget for 2013 was reviewed; final budget would be presented for approval at the first meeting in 2013.
  • Trustees reviewed a report on the progress of the REDD+ Paraguay Forest Conservation Project in association with Swire Pacific Offshore. It was confirmed that full third party validation had now been received for the project.


  • Trustees reviewed governance arrangements of the Trust and agreed to changes in the membership of the Administration and Finance Committee.
  • Mark Leaney had announced his intention to step down as Honorary Treasurer, a role which he had held since 1995. He was invited to become a member of WLT Council, and a Director of World Land Trust Trading Ltd.
  • Myles Archibald was appointed Honorary Treasurer and Trustee.
  • Trustees were informed that Chris Packham had accepted an invitation to become a patron of the Trust and was officially appointed by the meeting.

Following the meeting of Trustees, a meeting of the full Council of World Land Trust was held.

Development Activities

  • The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2012 had begun on the morning of the meeting. Initial indications suggested that the fundraising target was unlikely to be reached because of the lack of availability of matched funding.
  • A report was given on a new £1 million fundraising initiative, to be launched in 2013. Strategically important parcels of land in the Kinabatangan Floodplain, in Borneo, had been identified, with the aim of creating wildlife corridors to secure the habitat of Orang-Utans in the area.
  • WLT staff reported on work on attracting donations through legacies. The results of a questionnaire to donors and eBulletin subscribers had been encouraging.  The website’s legacy pages had been updated and improved.  Further initiatives were ongoing.
  • WLT’s PR Consultant reported on recent PR successes, with excellent media coverage through articles in the Independent Magazine (in relation to Misiones) and The Times magazine (in relation to Borneo written by Simon Barnes).

Conservation Programme

  • The CEO gave a presentation on key programme successes for 2012. A number of site visits had been carried out by staff, supporters and board members in 2012 which has assisted in the delivery of projects and allowed WLT to evaluate partner performance alongside the team’s analysis of their annual reviews and audited accounts.
  • A request was made by REGUA to reallocate funds raised for land purchase to be reallocated to supporting REGUA rangers. The request was approved by Trustees, on the proviso that no other sources of matched funding could be obtained to increase the fund for land purchase.
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