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85th World Land Trust Council Meeting

Thursday 9th February 2012

  • Congratulations were offered to Lee Durrell on receiving her MBE earlier in the day.
  • The meeting was opened with a video of an inspirational lecture given by Sir David Attenborough at a fundraising event in January 2012 entitled Business and Diversity: the Cost of Life on Earth. A full transcript of the talk and extracts of the video were posted on the WLT website.

Finance and Admin

  • A progress report was given on the development of the REDD+ Paraguay Forest Conservation Project, funded by Swire Pacific Offshore.  It was acknowledged that the project had taken much longer than originally envisaged, caused by factors outside of WLT’s control, and this had led to a delay in the receipt of funding.  It was noted that the project had proved very complex, but that much had been learned from the experience to take forward in developing future projects.
  • Preliminary End of Year Accounts 2011 were reviewed and approved.  A shortfall on the budget was largely accounted for by delays in the Swire Pacific project.  It was agreed that the impact of the recession on income was less severe than had been anticipated, and that under the economic circumstances the result was creditable. It was agreed to devise an action plan to secure the Trust’s unrestricted reserves
  • Management Accounts January 2012 were reviewed and approved: income for the month had been above expectations, but it was not possible to draw conclusions so early in the year.
  • Revised Budget 2012 was reviewed and approved.
  • WLT Gallery: while initial trading results had been encouraging, it had become clear that the Gallery was not capable of sustaining the salary cost of a manager. It was therefore agreed that its management would be undertaken by a committee of relevant WLT staff, and volunteers would be sought to man it.
  • Risk Assessment: The A&F Committee had reviewed a revised Risk Assessment for WLT, and recommended that it be circulated to Trustees for approval.
  • Discussions were held concerning the development of the relationship with WLT’s sister organisation in the USA, World Land Trust-US.
  • Trustees approved an Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy.

Conservation Programme

  • Trustees agreed to provide additional financial support to Guatemalan partner FUNDAECO in connection with the purchase of the Laguna Grande-Sarstún Reserve.
  • Trustees approved a proposal for the reallocation of funds for REGUA in Brazil towards land purchase and the support of rangers.
  • Trustees approved a proposal to accept Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ) as a WLT programme partner.
  • A report was given on the Partner Symposium which had taken place during the previous week.  All participants had agreed that the meeting had proved very interesting and stimulating, covering a complex subject.  The partners stressed the benefit that the relationship with WLT and the WLT network provided in opening the opportunity to share expertise and, potentially, resources.
  • Trustees passed a resolution to transfer the shares held by World Land Trust in Estepa Natural Patagonia S.A. to Fundación Natural Patagonia.
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