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81st World Land Trust Council Meeting

Thursday 24th February 2011

Meeting of Trustees

Admin & Finance

  • Draft End of Year Accounts 2010 were reviewed: income for 2010 was in line with 2009 (excluding a single large receipt in 2009).  The results were considered commendable under the circumstances and approved by the Trustees.
  • January 2011 Management Accounts were reviewed: a small shortfall was noted, due to phasing of income. The January Accounts were approved by the Trustees.
  • As authorised by Trustees at the December meeting, a review of the structure of Trustee subcommittees had taken place.  The Committee recommended adoption of the outlined proposals, if approved, at the next meeting in May.
  • A revised draft of the WLT risk assessment had been reviewed by the A&F Committee, and would be circulated to Trustees with the recommendation for its approval.

Full Council Meeting

  • Conservation Champions A proposal to invite Council Members to act as Conservation Champions was discussed. Individual members would take responsibility for informing themselves about specific project areas, enabling them to offer support and advice to WLT programmes staff.  The proposal was welcomed as a way of providing Council Members with a greater opportunity to become involved in the conservation activities and of strengthening the Trust’s management of its conservation programmes
  • A brief report from the meeting of the Directors of WLT Trading was given.  The main item of discussion concerned progress on the SPO project, and congratulations were offered to Ecosystem Services team on achieving Gold Standard validation for the initial component of the project.  Problems which had arisen in securing land for the next phase of the project in Paraguay were in the process of being resolved.

    The CEO explained that the difficulties experienced in securing land for this project highlighted the growing problem of increasing demand for land for development leading to escalating land prices.

Conservation Programmes      

2011 Conservation Programme and Budget: A presentation reviewing the updated 2011 Programmes Budget was given.  Approval was given for the following additional programme proposals:

Colombia, ProAves Two land purchase projects were approved:

  • to create a reserve for the protection of the Golden Poison Frog (Cocoy Amphibian Reserve);
  • purchase of  two properties at Zamarrito del Pinche to be funded.

Ecuador The Trustees agreed that funds should be used as soon as possible, as land price inflation was rapidly eroding their purchasing power.

Paraguay Trustees agreed to funds for management at the Three Giants Reserve; transfer of funds would be conditional on the development of a plan for the sustainable management of the reserve.

India Following site visits by WLT staff to India in December, a re-evaluation of priorities has been made.  The Trustees authorised funds to the Elephant (and Tiger) Corridors Programme at Corbett, where the pressure of human/animal conflict make this an urgent project priority.

Borneo  While efforts continue to raise funds for the purchase of priority properties at the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Trustees, concerned about the possible impact of land price inflation, approved the immediate use of funds from the Revolving Fund to complete the purchases.

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