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80th World Land Trust Council Meeting

Thursday 9th December 2010

Meeting of Trustees

Admin & Finance

  • Management Accounts for November 2010 were approved by Trustees.  Revenue was on course to meet a revised target.  It was agreed that the results were creditable given the difficult economic circumstance, and while the income had fallen short of what had been a very ambitious budget, performance was comparable with the previous year.

Budget 2011

  • The Trustees approved the Budget for 2011, which was acknowledged as conservative compared to the previous year’s budget but prudent under the continuing uncertain financial climate. The work of members of the Ecosystem Services team in successfully concluding major contracts under REDD was commended.

Administration Matters

  • The Trustees approved a proposal for a sub-group to meet to consider the structure and terms of reference of Trustee Committees.

WLT Trading Co.

  • The Chairman of Directors reported that the contract with Swire Pacific Offshore had been signed. The Carbon Balanced Programme was moving towards a broader environmental services agenda.

Any other business

  • The Trustees considered suggestions of potential new Board Members (Trustees and Council Members): the suggested candidates would be contacted to seek their consent for nomination at the AGM in May.

Full Board Meeting

Conservation Programmes

  • A Powerpoint presentation was given outlining the achievements of the year and looking forward to objectives for 2011.
  • Bibiana Sucre, Chacaracual Project Coordinator, from WLT’s Venezuelan programme partner Provita was currently on a study tour and working with WLT. She gave a Powerpoint presentation on the work of Provita, with particular reference to the project supported by WLT.

Programme and Budget for 2011

  • It was noted that the donation ‘price’ for ‘Buy an Acre’ projects would rise to £100 an acre (£25 for quarter of an acre) and would support land purchase in Ecuador (NCI), Colombia (ProAves), Guatemala (FUNDAECO) and Mexico (GESG) who were providing proposals for ‘Buy an Acre’ land purchase in 2011. Where land costs more than £100 an acre funds will be raised through Special Appeals – in Borneo, Kenya and India, as well as the Keepers of the Wild Ranger Appeal.
  • The Conservation Programme and Budget for 2011 was discussed and approved.
  • A new initiative (Keepers of the Wild) was being launched to raise funds to enable project partners to employ more rangers in the field. The programme had got off to a good start with a donation of US$50,000, conditional on matched funding being raised by WLT.

Development Activities

  • WLT’s PR consultant gave an informative Powerpoint presentation on the PR achievements of the past year, and a preview of the highlights planned for 2011.
  • WLT Ambassadors programme: A brief introduction was given to the Ambassadors programme, due to be launched following the Board Meeting at an event in London. Key supporters and friends of WLT had been invited to become WLT Ambassadors. The programme would be trialled for a year, incorporating a series of events to which the Ambassadors would be able to invite guests with a view to introducing them to WLT and generating increased support.

Closing remarks

  • The CEO expressed the thanks of the staff for the support and encouragement provided by Trustees and Council Members
  • The Chair closed the meeting with thanks to the staff and management of WLT for their work during 2010 and offered congratulations for their achievements during the year.
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